Maschinenvorf├╝hrungen in der Museumsfabrik

Museum factory in the "Alten Weberei"

Purring spinning machines, clattering looms – the sounds of the former textile town of Nordhorn can still be heard in the museum factory of the town museum. “Textile production live” is the motto. Former textile workers demonstrate the entire production process of cotton processing up to the weaving of a fabric on historical, running textile machines. The preparation of natural cotton, the production of yarn in the spinning mill and the processing of thousands of yarn threads into a fabric in the weaving mill are demonstrated. Get first-hand accounts of the working world at the NINO, Povel and Rawe textile factories from volunteer demonstrators during a tour.

London-based artist Stefan Klimas, who was born in Nordhorn, has created a digital print of enlarged and artfully interlaced photographs from NINO production, mounted on a wall surface of over 100 sqm. A look at this factory gives you an idea of the enormous dimensions of the former factory halls with their long machine lines.

Group tours of the museum factory are also possible outside opening hours.

Anyone who is interested in working in the museum factory is cordially invited to contact the town museum. We are always looking for hand-on demonstration technicians!

Opening hours
Sa 14-18 pm

regular: 3,- Euro
discount: 2,- Euro (with proof of discount for trainees, students, disabled, ALG-recipients) 

up to 18 years free

Vechteaue 2
48529 Nordhorn 

Museum factory
with demonstration of historical textile machines